Puntland: Somalia’s lower house election restarted in Garowe

Xubin kamid ah xubnaha ergooyinka soo doortay xildhibanaada. [Sawirka: Sahan Online]
A man delegate casts his vote during the electoral process to choose members of the lower house of the Somali parliament in Garowe. [Photo: Sahan Online]
Garowe-(Puntland Mirror) The election to select the candidates representing Puntland in the upcoming lower house of the Somali federal parliament has restarted in the Puntland capital, Garowe on Wednesday.

Puntland state has an allocation of 37 seats in the federal parliament’s house of Somalia, 19 of them have already been elected.

The Somali electoral commission’s chairman for Puntland Khalif Aw-Ali held a press conference on Tuesday in Garowe, he said that the economic challenges faced by the commission was disrupted the electoral process in the lower house, which is ongoing in Garowe.

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