Somalia’s foreign ministry denies ‘secret meeting’ between Somali President and Israel PM

Mogadishu-(Puntland Mirror) Somalia’s foreign ministry has denied the media reports suggesting that the Somali President had a ‘Secret meeting’ with Israel Prime Minister.

A statement from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Somalia has said that there is no meeting take place between the Somali President and Israel PM.

“While the Somali Federal Government values all partners and seeks to establish meaningful relations with existing and new allies with an objective of securing Somalia’s future progress and prosperity, the Ministry can confirm that the reported meeting between the President of Somalia and the Prime Minister of Israel did not take place,” said in the Ministry’s statement.

On July 5, The Times of Israel has published that the Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu recently met with the president of Somalia in a first high-level contact between the two countries, according to a source close to the Somali leader told The Times of Israel.

Somalia, a mostly Sunni Muslim country and a member of the Arab League, the East Africa nation does not recognize Israel as a state.

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