Guled Salah: Current Administration’s Term Will Not Be Extended “Even a Single Day”

Guled Salah speaking with people gathered at Barhada square in Garowe. [File Photo: Facebook]

Garowe-(Puntland Mirror) Guled Salah, who is a candidate for the Puntland presidential election in 2024, arrived in Garowe today and received a warm welcome.

He addressed a large crowd gathered at Barhada square in Garowe and accused the current administration of planning to extend its term, a move that he strongly opposes.

“I want to inform the president and his administration that their term is only three months remaining, and it will never happen that the term is extended even for a single day,” Guled stated.

Hundreds of people gathered at Barhada square in Garowe. [File Photo: Facebook]

He proposed that the traditional elders should assume responsibility for choosing the next parliamentarians, stating, “I kindly ask the traditional elders to fulfill their role and select the MPs in order to protect Puntland from violence and political turmoil.”

The presence of Guled, who previously served as TPEC chairman, indicates that the region is entering an election period as the current President, Said Abdullahi Deni, will complete his 5-year term on January 8, 2024.

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