Puntland President vows to defeat armed groups in Puntland

Puntland President Abdiweli Mohamed Ali. [Photo Credit: Presidency Press Office]
Garoowe-(Puntland Mirror) Puntland President has vowed to fight armed groups who are doing offenses in Puntland.

Speaking to reporters in Garowe Friday Abdiweli Mohamed Ali said: “I want to tell Puntland people wherever they are to be ready a huge battle against the perpetrators who invaded Puntland, Puntland Government and its people have ability to defend themselves from religious robbers, we are committed to exclude Al-Shabab in our land, and others such as Daesh who seek to kill our people.”

The move comes a day after at least 35 Puntland soldiers and other civilians were killed when Al-Shabab militants attacked on Af urur army base in Galgala Mountains, the attack was the latest Al-Shabab violence against Puntland, and was the most horrible single day of losses for Puntland since the war between Puntland and militants started in 2010.

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