What is this project?
The Puntland Mirror fact-checking initiative is part of a project that the Puntland Mirror News Room supports, funded by Code For Africa (CfA). This initiative is part of CfA’s ‘CheckDesk’ program and the wider African Fact-Checking Alliance (AFCA).

This project helps Puntland Mirror fact-check fake stories on social media platforms in Somalia. It includes training provided by senior Puntland Mirror staff to develop solid fact-checking skills, enabling the production of investigative analyses and data-driven reportage. Additionally, it proposes a series of editorial flagship projects/products.

What topics does Puntland Mirror fact-check?
Puntland Mirror will verify all fabricated news posted on social media platforms in Somalia. Utilizing their knowledge of fact-checking, the trained Puntland Mirror staff will investigate these fabricated pieces of information.

How will the fact-checking be published?
All fact-checked information is published on the Puntland Mirror website, which includes a dedicated section for fact-checking. It will also be shared on Puntland Mirror’s social media platforms, particularly Facebook and Twitter. The fact-checked reports will also be published on CFA platforms, in collaboration with the CFA team.

What are the topics Puntland Mirror will fact-check?
In collaboration with the CFA team, Puntland Mirror will fact-check widely distributed false information on social media platforms. These topics are aligned with Puntland Mirror’s editorial policy.

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