Somalia plans to improve its fisheries sector

Somali men carrying fish from the sea. [File Photo]

The Prime Minister of Somalia, Mr. Hamsa Abdi Barre, who inaugurated the National Week for the Development of Fisheries Wednesday said it’s time Somalis benefitted from marine resources.

According to the PM, the Danish government is planning that in the next few years 50% of the country’s budget will come from fishing, which if the emphasis is put on its use will greatly change the country’s economy.

Mr. Hamsa called on Somali businessmen to invest in the country’s fisheries sector, taking advantage of the opportunities in the international market, and the government will focus on building the country’s important infrastructure, especially ports. and roads connecting the coast of Somalia.

The PM who thanked the Ministry of Fisheries and Blue Economy for organizing the conference, noted that the Danish government is working to find powerful energy at a low price, so that investment is easy, and people who invest can get cheap electricity.

He called on the Somali people to defend their country and its resources, reminding them of the role played by their leaders in the defense of the country and nationalism.

Source: APA

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