Puntland Minister denies that UAE suspended support for PMPF forces


PMPF forces during exercise. [File Photo]
Garowe-(Puntland Mirror) The UAE did not suspend its support to Puntland’s PMPF forces, Puntland Minister said.

A Puntland minister, speaking on condition of anonymity, told Puntland Mirror that the news saying UAE suspended support to PMPF is untrue.

The official added that the Puntland will soon comment.

On Saturday, some of UAE trainers in Puntland have returned to their home, despite local media reported that the UAE trainers withdrew from Puntland after directive from Dubai.

UAE began supporting PMPF forces in 2011 under the President Abdirahman Faroole administration. 

Puntland Maritime Police Forces (PMPF) is one of the best trained in Puntland. The forces played a key role in anti-piracy operations, and now they are battling Al-Shabab militants in Galgala Mountains.

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