UK will send more troops to Somalia to fight Al-Shabaab, UK PM Theresa May says

Prime Minister Theresa May addresses the United Nations General Assembly (AP)
Uk’s PM Theresa May Addressing the United Nations for the first time as Prime Minister. File: AFP.

New York-(Puntland Mirror) Britain’s Prime Minister Theresa May has promised to increase her country’s support for Somalia in the fight against Al-Shabab armed group.

Addressing the United Nations for the first time as Prime Minister, Theresa said the UK would send more troops to train local forces to fight the militants.

She added that no country had been “left untouched by global terrorism”.

“Since 2010, with huge support from across the region, and critically the commitment of Somalis themselves, al-Shabaab has been driven from all the major cities it used to control,” Theresa May said.

“It is vital that as an international community we continue to support countries in the region that are contributing thousands of troops, and that we continue to build the capacity of Somali security forces.” She added.

The UK will host an international conference on Somalia early in 2017, according to the Theresa May.

Source: ITV + Puntland Mirror.

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  1. Together with the international community we must fight the terrorist group; we need the international community because we are trying to recover from decades of violence, so the country needs more military support from the UK and other countries.

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