Puntland Security Forces launches operation against Al-Shabab in Galgala hills, claims to have killed fighters

File: PSF forces in  the Galgala hills of Bari region.

Garowe-(Puntland Mirror) Puntland Security Forces (PSF) said they launched a major operation in the areas of Majiyahan and Madarshoon in Galgala hills in revenge for deadly attack at security checkpoint of Bosaso that were claimed by Al-Shabab militants.

In a Facebook post, PSF claimed to have killed and wounded Al-Shabab fighters in the operation, but Puntland Mirror could not independently confirm.

PSF added they will continue to fight against terrorism groups in the region “till the end.”

File: PSF armed vehicles in the Galgala hills.

On Monday, fighters from Al-Shabab have attacked at security checkpoint in the outskirt of Bosaso, killing at least eight people including soldiers and civilians.

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