Nearly hundred Al-Shabab militants arrive in rural areas of Ceerigaabo town

Al-Shabab militants. [Photo: Archive]
Garowe-(Puntland Mirror) Nearly hundred Al-Shabab militants have arrived in the rural areas under Ceerigaabo town of northeastern Sanaag region, residents said.

The militants arrived there in the past few days, according to residents.

“We have seen a hundred of Al-Shabab fighters who arrived here during the past few days,” a resident who requested anonymity told Puntland Mirror.

The resident added: “the fighters are armed with handguns, but they do not have vehicles.”

Ceerigaabo and its surroundings are now controlled by Somaliland administration.

Puntland accuses Somaliland of supporting Al-Shabab militants in Galgala Mountains.

The militants are thought to be those who attacked a Puntland military base in Af urur village last month, killing at least 40 soldiers.

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