French police chief and his wife killed in stabbing claimed by ISIS

Paris-(Puntland Mirror) A French police captain and his wife were stabbed to death when an assailant broke into the policeman’s home in Magnaville. The assailant also took the police captain’s son hostage.

French police forces stormed the house and shot the suspect and rescued the boy.

Magnanville is about 55 km north-west of the French capital.

According to the French media, the attacker was identified as Larossi Abdala, 25, who was known to police for extremism and already had a terrorism conviction.

According to the ISIS-linked media (Amaq news agency) the militant has claimed the responsibility of the assault saying “an Islamic state fighter had carried out the attack.

The attack come one day after a man reportedly inspired by the Islamic State killed 50 people at a gay nightclub in Orlando, Florida, USA.

This story is contributed by Puntland Mirror’s senior editor, Abdi Omar Bile.

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