Ant-government militants move into Bari region in Puntland

Bosaso-(Puntland Mirror) Residents in Kalabayr village of Puntland say heavily armed militants led by the former Bari governor have arrived at there.

Residents who spoke to Puntland Mirror on condition of anonymity said some 200 militants and equipped vehicles entered the village early Tuesday.

Kalabayr is a small village in Bari region, lies about 45 km south of Bosaso.

In February, Puntland forces raided the home of former governor in Bosaso they wanted to arrest but he escaped. The government accused Gallan the violent protest in the port town of Bosaso in February which killed one person and wounded six others.

In May 2015, Puntland President Abdiweli Mohamed Ali has sacked the former governor of Bari region, Abdisamad Mohamed Gallan.

Meanwhile, supplied forces from Puntland government have arrived in Kalabayr village to protect the militants of Gallan, according to reliable sources told Puntland Mirror.

In recent, speaking to local media the former governor of Bari has blamed the president of more corruption and malpractice.

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