South Korea sent naval unit to Somalia after pirates hijacked South Korean fishing vessel

South Korea sent naval units to Somalia to after pirates hijacked South Korean fishing vessel. [Photo: Flickr]
Seoul-(Puntland Mirror) South Korea’s military dispatched a naval unit in waters off Somalia after pirates reportedly hijacked a South Korean fishing vessel, AP news agency reported quoted an official from the Defense Ministry as saying the vessel, which had a crew of South Koreans and foreigners, lost contact after relaying that “something is following the back of the ship”.

Crews from South Korean fishing vessels and cargo ships have often been targets of Somali pirates.

Over the past weeks, Somali pirates have stepped up its attacks against commercial ships sailing in Somalia waters.

In recent, speaking to the local media some of the local fishermen threatened to take up guns another time and return piracy to battle what they called “the foreign trawlers.”

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