ISIS terrorists beheaded 3 Puntland soldiers in Bari region

Abdikadir Mumin the IS leader in Puntland addressing the fighters in somewhere of Bari region of Puntland on April, 2016. [Photo: screenshot]
Garowe-(Puntland Mirror) The so-called ISIS militants have beheaded three Puntland soldiers in Bari region, an official confirmed to Puntland Mirror.

A Puntland security official, who requested anonymity, told Puntland Mirror that the terrorists beheaded the three soldiers who were abducted earlier this week.

Earlier this week, speaking to reporters in Puntland, Jama Mohamed Khurshe, the Qandala governor said that the ISIS militants ambushed a vehicle carrying lots of passengers as they traveling to Bosaso port town and abducted at least nine people, including five Puntland soldiers who are off-duty.

After the abduction, two Puntland soldiers kidnapped and held by ISIS militants managed to escape, as sources confirmed to Puntland Mirror.

According to the official, after the slaughter, the skulls of the soldiers beheaded were placed in an area near the Qandala.

On December 7 last year, Puntland government forces take back Qandala coastal town of Bari region, which fell to ISIS in October, 2016.

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