First Commander of Somali Police Force dies at age 91 in US

File: The late Muse.

Minneapolis-(Puntland Mirror) First Commander of the Somali Police Force Mohamed Abshir Muse has died at hospital in Minneapolis city in US, his family confirmed.

He was 91. He studied in Italy.

Muse become a commandant in the Somali Defence Forces in 1960 and commanded the force for nine years till the military coup of 1969 by Mohamed Siad Bare.

In 1969, he was jailed by Mohamed Siad Bare for speaking out against the coup.

After the collapse of Siad Bare’s regime in 1991, Muse become the leader of Somali Salvation Democratic Front (SSDF).

Muse lived in the US since 1998, in July this year he was hospitalized after sudden illness.

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