Kenya says its forces killed Al-Shabab Commander in Kuday Island

Kenya said its forces killed Al-Shabab Commander in Kuday Island. [Photo: Archive]
Nairobi-(Puntland Mirror) Kenyan Defence Forces (KDF) said it killed Al-Shabab Commander when the militants attacked on Somali army in Kuday island in the Lower Juba region of Somalia, an official said.

KDF’s Public Affairs officer Colonel Joseph Owuoth said that the forces Saturday killed Al-Shabab Commander Bashe Nure Hassan in Kuday, were responding to an attack by the militants on a Somali army base.

“One of the terrorists killed was Al-Shabab Commander Bashe Nure Hassan, a Kuday resident who was born and raised in the area before joining the terrorist group several years back,” said KDF Public Affairs officer Colonel Joseph Owuoth.

Weapons including AK-47 assault rifles were seized after the attack against the militants, according to Colonel Joseph Owuoth.

The claim could not immediately be independently confirmed.

Somali government forces together with KDF forces under Amisom have liberated Kuday island from Al-Shabab militants in 2015.

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