Things we learned from Puntland’s victory on war on terror

’Al-Shabaab emerged in 2005 as a violent Islamist group intent on enforcing its brand of justice across Somalia. In late 2006, it focused on expelling the Ethiopian forces that had intervened in Somalia and later aligned itself with al-Qa’ida. And in 2008 for the first in the history it has declared its presence in Puntland with their major representative Mohamed Said Atom’’

On March 14 2016, the weary Al-Shabaab militia has accessed the natural port of Gar’ad as their first en route to Puntland, 4 boats with more than 400 Al-Shabaab militants has utilized to land at Puntland peripheries, hence their plan is to utilize Puntland long coast to reach their target areas which was Galgala and Qandala. It’s the first time they intrude in Puntland but from past 8 years Al-Shabaab has showed presence and former government led by Farole has fought militarily.

But this their second face move was majorly motived by the transformation of their strategy, in south Somalia where Al-Shabaab’s main base placed is geographically beautiful and better greenish hub but the internationally agreed war on terror has directed USA drones to strike Al-Shabaab in Somalia where they cannot find a place to conceal from the strikes.

Therefore the emerging threat seeks strategic placement and threatens regional and global security. If Al-Shabaab access to the strategic coastline in Puntland prevails, there will be a connection between Puntland and Yemeni-based terror networks, thus strengthening the viability of insurgencies in Puntland, though they saw Galgala mountains in Puntland as better place to veil from drone cameras not shot and strike them in order for their future existence,

Things we learned

Puntland ‘militarily power full state’

From the first time when the weary militias has landed, Puntland government declared a quick military display to deal with the fatal blow of the militants from Puntland, remember those guys from south Somalia are those or same like those who fought against AMISON the largest military cooperation intended for Somalia’s peace keeping and AMISON couldn’t defeat them.

But the 18 years old Puntland Defense Forces with the support of the Puntland people have fought and crushed recurrent insurgencies wielded by the terrorists since, The Puntland Defense forces reassure the people of Puntland State of capability and continued commitment to defend the Puntland jurisdiction from any threat ‘’ in this case the world should learn from Puntland how brave and togetherness they chased and flushed out Al-Shabaab we thank to those who died for defending and saving us from devils.

Military power is not for defeating only the likes of these terrorists but a symbol for veto power because we are in a world where mutual interest has worked deeply in the roots of military power

As my year and half Puntland intelligence directorate I could never imagine the result should be calculated in such few days and In the history of Al-Shabaab in any place else in Somalia and horn Africa it has never  happened to them such a huge lose of the apprehended detainees, the killed Al-Shabaab fighters and their destroyed weapons by Puntland Defence forces, such a very proud credit is for Puntland military force, and to those who died fighting for us they have been placed the gold pages of our centuries to come.

Puntland people ’ strong and generous for togetherness’

And because Now it’s a lesson learned , we have seen the very good picture of Puntland people and we have sighted the dignity of our togetherness the likes of today, the idea, financial and hand assistance we provided made our military forces more stronger and inspired them to overrun the wrong-directed extremist militia, the Puntland military appreciates the thousands of volunteers who have mobilized themselves and submitted their allegiance to the military forces in the unified response to this emerging threat, at the times of critics and such military emergencies Puntland people invest their souls and everything related for the common national issues.

Puntland ‘powerful and Independent’

Yet while the international community is funding thousands of millions of dollars to Mogadishu where the ineffective Somalia government runs, where AMISON’s 22 thousand soldier are, Puntland government has never received any hand on the war on terror but the last 8 days clean up operations has majorly presented our military power that can destroy a such ever existed  south-Somalia’s terrorist dominant group, our enemy should not come easily far more like this and they see what happened to the largest Al-Qaeda ally in Africa largely.

Remember, before 21 March when major victory has rested in Garowe even no one including UN newly mandated representative has sounded about Puntland’s military emergency.

Some believe and suggested that the western intelligence should have aware of the move and the international naval flotilla could have blocked them,

But from my view point as a junior security intelligence directorate those guys couldn’t follow such a quick move made by the militants and in analysis NISA’s surveillance team should have aware of it.

And even without the help of the international naval flotilla them my own analysis gave me we could have won whatever the case.

My final say on the chapter

We have made celebrity on the war against Al-Shabaab that led the international community to deeply concern over what happened last 7 days in Puntland, they should have come now beyond their request, whether the war was political agenda sold by a few silent enemies today we have the will to bargain every business that involves our interest because we are in a century where mutual interest has worked deeply in the roots of military power.

and because we made a victory does not mean we are purely save, from my experience as junior intelligence directorate, Al-Shabaab are very professional for the revenge, although we are strong enough secure our territory but yet I see the war will not end is such simple smile.

1.I do recommend to the government to establish Puntland’s security act that will further bring a far strong security policy and enrich the intelligence agencies with huge investment in terms of finance, qualified intelligence professionals and huge surveillance teams in order to realistically find concrete information about the plans and strategies of our enemies.

2.and let me share with you an old intelligence principle that says ‘policy success or intelligence failure’ that simply gives very near image on how the intelligence is important for the medium and long policy on government.

In conclusion, We have scored a golden victory over the war against Al-Shabaab, i’m sending my profound appreciation to Puntland Military force who have invested their blood and soul for protecting this territory and its people, also the unforgettable allegiance and volunteers made by Puntland people local and abroad to support their defense military and Puntland journalist who proudly publicized the good pages of their defense military.

and by far this is moral support therefore guys in Puntland journalists ‘Thank you ‘ your braveness remains at the hearts of your nation.

The Author is Ahmed Dinari










Ahmed Suleyman also known as Dinari is a Somali academic, He has degree of Public Administration at Haramaya University in Ethiopia. He is presently working as Puntland security directorate and has undergone post-graduate of international security study at Cavendish University.

Dinari is the founder of Puntland institute for peace. He also wrote more columns published in major Puntland websites including Puntland Mirror and Garowe Online.

He can be emailed on:

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