Mogadishu-(Puntland Mirror) Somalia’s federal ministry of women has held a meeting in Mogadishu on Monday which is focused how the Somali women participate the country’s political and decision making processes in the elections of 2016.

The meeting was attended by the Somali minister of women, MPS and members from the civil society.

Somalia’s Minister for Women Sahra Mohamed Ali Samatar said the meeting has a great impact on the community, especially women, Minister Samatar asked the Somali government to give women a good share to partake the development practices of the country.

In her part, Somali MP, Qali Ahmed Diriye has advised the Somali women to unite as women, to do things together, to lobby for each other, support those are prepared to be part of national politics and be joined as Somali women.

Somali women are the backbone of their society, but the women have not more involvement in the country’s political process.

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